May 6, 2008

International Travel For Diabetics: Part II

To start from the beginning of this series, check out Part I.

Item #2 on My Personal Diabetes Travel Checklist:

The Doctor's Note

Heading out of the country, it's important to have a note from your doctor that states that you are required to carry all diabetes medications, syringes, glucometer, test strips, batteries, insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and any other diabetes supplies in order to sustain life.

Put in a request for this note at your endocrinologist's office 1 month before you leave. This gives plenty of time for your doc to write it, and for you to pick it up. Two key things to note...1-Be sure it's on "official paper,' such as your doctor's letterhead or a prescription notepad with his/her name printed on it, and 2-Be sure it's legible.

Item #3 on My Personal Diabetes Travel Checklist:

The Passport Cover

I know, I know. Spending money on a passport cover seems like lipstick on a pig (unnecessary and silly, unless it's Miss Piggy), especially if you rarely use your passport. However, when traveling overseas, you naturally safeguard your passport and know where it is at all times. Which is exactly what you should be doing with Item #2 - The Doctor's Note, so why not keep them together?

Imagine you're on the trip of a lifetime, but authorities won't let you cross from France into Germany with your diabetes meds and supplies...all because you lost your Doctor's Note.

Pick out a passport cover that has a pocket on it and place your Doctor's Note securely inside. There's a passport cover out there for everyone, from under $10 to Louis Vuitton. Just Google "passport cover" and you'll find the one for you. My thoughtful sister gave me a lovely white leather cover with silver flowers on it for my birthday. Perfect timing for Amsterdam!

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