May 22, 2008

To Amsterdam & Back

I'm back from a relaxing vacation with my husband in the land of wooden shoes and tulips. And pancakes and cheese and beer and other tasty things.

Status Check
  • Percentage of my luggage taken up by diabetes supplies & equipment: 25%
  • Items confiscated by London Security: 1 bottle of contact lense solution
  • # of times I was questioned by security about my insulin, pump, syringes or other equipment: ZERO
  • # of days I exercised on vacation: Walked & biked a million miles each day!
  • # of times I checked my blood sugar a day: 10
  • Instances of low blood sugar: 2
  • Amount of yummy food we ate: Enough to feed a football team for a month.
  • # of pounds gained: -1 (thanks to the exercise!)
  • # of people who tried to pick pocket us: At least 3
  • Souvenirs: Flat, brown, knee-high leather boots (They're all the rage. On any given day, about 40% of Amsterdam's women wore them with skinny jeans.)
  • Percentage of Dutch people we met who were friendly: 100%
  • Hours spent on the flight home throwing up from bad Chinese food: 3
  • Hours spent not eating after getting sick: 7
  • What my blood sugar did because of it: Skyrocketed to 300
  • Items confiscated at US Customs: 1 bag of tulip bulbs (blue)

All in all it was a fabulous trip, except for the flight home. I felt very prepared to handle any diabetes-related situation that might arise, and had virtually no problems. I arrived home just as healthy as when I left.

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