May 9, 2008

International Travel For Diabetics: Part IV

Item #6 on my personal diabetes travel checklist:

Speak Diabetes

One of the worst things I can think of when traveling to a foreign country would be to not be able to communicate if I had a problem. While you may have learned the basic phrases to get by (like "Thank You," "Please," and "Where is the restroom?"), you should also add some phrases about diabetes to your list.

Every time I leave the US, I always look up the following words and phrases and bring them with me. Use a website like Babel Fish to translate them into the language you need.

  • No sugar please
  • Diet soda please
  • I'm diabetic
  • I have diabetes
  • I need candy/sugar/juice
  • I need emergency help
  • I need a doctor
  • She's diabetic
  • She has diabetes

For even more security, you can order diabetes emergency cards in 29 different languages at Select Wisely. Here's pic of the card in English.

Keep your list handy (perhaps slip it into a pocket in your passport cover with your doctor's note!). And make sure every person you're traveling with has a copy. You never know when you'll need to say these phrases, but it's best to be prepared!

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