May 23, 2008

A New Warranty On Life

Now that I'm back in the real world of going to work and cleaning the house, I can focus on something really exciting. I've officially received my new continuous glucose monitor!

It was definitely a process getting approved for this. Once I discovered that my insurance may cover it, I had to work closely with Medtronic Minimed and my doc to push the order through.

The tricky thing was that in order to use the new transmitter, I had to upgrade to a new pump. My pump only had 1 year left on it's 4-year warranty, and just doing an upgrade would transfer that 1 year to my new pump. So my doctor wrote me a special letter to get United Healthcare to cover me for a new pump without doing the upgrade (My fabulous rep at Minimed handled everything!). It was a touch more expensive for me to do this, but now I have a full 4-year warranty on my new pump.

For most things I buy, I rarely ever need to use a warranty. But I've found that over 3 years of pumping, this warranty is crucial. During that 3 years, I've gone through 4 pumps. I know what you're thinking, "Geez, does she drop the thing on cement all the time?"

As a matter of fact I do not. Each time I've needed a replacement pump it was because a button on my pump simply stopped working. I have no idea why. Fortunately, the lovely folks at Minimed have saved the day each time by overnighting me a new pump. So you see, the importance of that 4-year warranty is non-negotiable to me. And there's nothing better than having a warranty on your health.

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