May 7, 2008

International Travel For Diabetics: Part III

Item #4 on my personal diabetes travel checklist:


In addition to having enough medication and supplies for your trip (Item #1 on my checklist), you'll need to be sure to have paperwork or packaging that includes your prescriptions. This written documentation proves that your meds belong to you.

It's best to keep your medication in its packaging, especially when going through airports, any type of security, and customs. That way proof is right there with each medication and you should have no problem.

Item #5 on My Personal Diabetes Travel Checklist:

World Diseases & Vaccinations

Contracting a contagious disease is the last thing anyone needs, but if you have diabetes it can be especially dangerous. Many countries outside of the US have a number of diseases going around that are rare to get here at home. And odds are, there are some that you may not have been vaccinated for.

The best way to prevent contracting a contagious disease is to find out about the dangers before you leave. Check out the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website to find out what you could catch in the area of the world you're headed to. If you can, do this about 2 months before leaving so that you have time to get vaccinated if needed (and some vaccinations take a few weeks to kick in).

I know, just what insulin users need, another shot, but it's well worth saving your life.

To check out the rest of this series, read Part I & Part II. Stay tuned for more to come!

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