April 22, 2008

Blood Sugar Testing On A Schedule

Testing your blood sugar is just a few quick and easy steps to do. Yes, it can be a touch painful, but honestly, I've stubbed by toe way harder than testing my blood sugar or taking an injection ever hurt me.

Despite the fact that it only takes a minute or so to do, blood sugar testing can be painful in the sense that it's a royal pain in the neck to remember to do throughout the day. I used to have days where I'd sometimes test once a day and sometimes 8, even though 8 was my goal. Now it's 10 and that was a lot for me to remember at the start.

I've now put myself on a schedule, because it's the only thing that works. I find that if I don't incorporate testing into my life 100% and try to make it a habit, then it just doesn't happen, even when I have the best of intentions.

Test #1As soon as my alarm goes off, I grab my testie from my nightstand and test while still half under the covers.
Test #2I test as soon as I get to work while my computer boots up and then I eat breakfast while checking my email.
Test #3A 2 hour alarm is set on my pump to alert me 2 hours after breakfast.
Test #4As soon as I decide what to do for lunch, eat at my desk or order out, I test.
Test #5Again, a 2 hour alarm is set on my pump to alert me 2 hours after lunch.
Test #64:00pm snacking cravings hit me, I test, if low I get to snack, if not I chug a glass of water and get over the craving.
Test #7While cooking dinner, when I get to the "dinner in 5 minutes!"-mark, it's time to test.
Test #8Once again, a 2 hour alarm is set on my pump to alert me 2 hours after dinner.
Test #9Once in PJs, I test before brushing my teeth, just in case I need to munch something.
Test #10I never test in the middle of the night unless I wake up on my own. Sometimes when I wake up it takes a few minutes before I start feeling shaky when I'm low, so I always test if I wake up at night.

Of course, I have days where I forget to do one of the tests mentioned above, but all in all, a schedule seriously helps me pull in all together. And with the busy lives most people have these days, making blood sugar testing as simple as possible is a necessity.

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