February 27, 2009

Sobe Wisdom Misses The Mark

The other day, my hubby and I were watching a movie. I opened up a Sobe Lean Green Tea (which I love) and set the cap on the seat next to me. He picked it up, read the inside of the cap and started laughing. I grabbed it and discovered these bits of wisdom printed in the lid:

We were laughing so hard at the irony of a diabetic getting this advice. The marketing geniuses over at Sobe that came up with this "wisdom" definitely don't have diabetes. That also goes for the executives who approved it to be printed on the caps of their sugar-free drinks.

Carb counting consumes my life, as it should all diabetics lives. When I say consume, I don't mean in a negative, overbearing way, but carb counting is necessary for survival.

I think this incident proves that the general public is not educated enough on diabetes. I'm sure Sobe's marketing team is good at what they do; Sobe is a very popular brand. But if they're going to market a sugar-free drink, they should realized that diabetics are going to drink it. And diabetics count carbs.

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