January 11, 2009

Off The Wagon Already

Just 11 days into 2009, it looks like it's time to pick my resolutions and dust them off. Time to start again.

Yesterday, I took my husband and his crew of boys to Monster Jam for his birthday (check out this video we took!). It was a crazy fun day, but after breakfast, I fell off the wagon. First came the Garden Burger, which is pretty healthy if you don't count the delicious carbalicious bun, the cheese, mayo or sugary ketchup. Then came Pringles, nachos, french fries, beer...it was delicious.

As expected, the high carb and high fat day hit my veins like a ton of bricks. Fortunately I stepped up my blood sugar testing and kept my insulin pump workin' overtime. The results? I maintained pretty tight control.

It's tempting to turn a blind eye and pretend that foods like these won't affect you, but every carb counts. I'm proud of my work yesterday. Just because I'm out having fun and veering from my diet for a day doesn't mean I have to feel guilty as long as I'm paying attention along the way.

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