January 23, 2015

Testing Glucose with a Temporary Tattoo

Very soon, us diabetics may be adorning ourselves with temporary tattoos developed by nanoengineers that look straight out of the year 3050. Not only do these tattoos look futuristic, they have a futuristic medical job to do.

Researcher Amay Bandodkar from University of California, San Diego, has invented a temporary tattoo containing electrodes designed to test glucose levels by sending mild electrical currents through the skin.

This Continuous Glucose Monitor is a daily disposable, extremely cheap (a few cents!), requires no lancets or finger pokes, and will have Bluetooth capabilities. Genius.

Initial clinical tests show that the tattoo's accuracy is on par with traditional finger-prick glucose testers. Although, it sounds as if there is a lot more work to be done before it gets close to coming to market.

This new medical technology will be a major game changer for all diabetics by making vital blood glucose monitoring easy, painless, cheap, and automatic. Since that is the exact opposite of glucose testing as we currently know it, I would absolutely use this product.

Source: The Atlantic
Photo Courtesy: UC San Diego

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